2015 Year in Review

Hello, world. Jeffrey Malone here. I accomplished a lot in 2015 and would love to tell you about it:


After 2 years of study, I finished my Master of Arts in Media Studies at The New School.


I published over 400 articles and blog posts. That works out to:

-94 TV Reviews

-35 Movie Reviews

-2 Buzzfeed Quizzes

-Approximately 200,000 Words

-Approximately 300,000 Page Views


I produced and published 11 Videos.


I recorded 476 Dreams in my dream journal. That works out to:

-Approximately 50,000 words.

-Approximately 350 people who appeared in my dreams.



In addition to my normal race schedule, I completed my first ever Half Marathon.


And of course, I made a Turtle out of Duct Tape.


Join me in 2016 as I continue to do what I do!